The future of content creation

New trends appeared not only on the consumer side: content creation is facing new challenges as well. Extraordinary visual backup is a key issue for every brand, promotion or message. Needless to say, that long-term thinking is essential in case of production: SPOTI STUDIOs Visual Toolkit is a content package, which features integrated conception and implementation, to give identity for every brand and product.

You can choose the element you need from the options

Creative photo toolkit

Start moving your pictures with our unique macro, styled and dynamic photos. Outstanding visuality for product launches, promotions, design changes. Available from 10 pieces package.

500.000 HUF *

Beauty shot toolkit

4 pieces of unique, 5-8 seconds long product spot, created with our modern robotic arm technology and beautiful special effects. Toolkit price includes further social media versions and cuts. Forget stock animations, get your own product spot.

1.000.000 HUF *

Small commercial toolkit

15 seconds long commercial movie for social media and TVC. The price includes the whole preparation, concept planning, production and post-production. Additional social media versions are also featured for Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Tik-Tok.

2.000.000 HUF *

Grand commercial toolkit

30 seconds long commercial movie kit, which includes more unique cuts with different length and social media mutations. The price includes the whole preparation, concept planning, production and post-production.

3.000.000 HUF *


It is always a challenge to systemize, categorize and transform the visual products: SPOTI STUDIO Database solution offers unique access for your own products. The access is expandable, so agencies, partners and subcontractors can also use them easily worldwide.

* The displayed prices are general, not official offers. For personalized offer please click here.